You want European capitals? I’ll give you European capitals

I see that the last time I wrote a personal entry in this journal, the Victorias were “most likely” headed to Paris. Ha! I take that “most likely” and raise you a “not”.

Actually, we’re going to London. That is, we’re going to London for now. In keeping with the breathless changes of the past few months, if I write “we’re going to London”, it’s probable we’ll end up in New York city.

And why not. We go where the work is, and right now the work is most definitely in London. How long that’ll last is anyone’s guess, but I’m growing philosophical about this problem in my decrepitude, and also increasingly interested in being wrong.

Which is just as well, don’t you think?

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4 Responses to You want European capitals? I’ll give you European capitals

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Bonjour London; au revoir Paris.

    Now you get to wrassle with UK bureacracy & London landlords, instead of French/Parisian varaiants of the same. Go you cosmopolitan person you!

    • MaryV says:

      As we speak things are still up in the air… we straddle countries, houses, schools, bank accounts, tax systems, jobs. It’s a real eye opener! Watch this space… 😉

  2. Bob Kuhn says:

    No, let me give you EUROPEAN CAPITALS.

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