Just a reminder that tomorrow we’ll be hearing from one of our last scheduled Writing Strong Women posters: Blake Charlton, author of ‘Spellwright’. I love Blake’s unique take on life, the universe and everything, and this guest post is no exception… it’ll be well worth a peek, so be sure to check the blog out on the (antipodean) Monday morning.

That’s not quite the end of the story, however, because I have two more celebratory posts planned in this month-long extravaganza. After Blake’s post, I’ll be treating us to a Magnificent Surprise of Epic Proportions on Wednesday. (Ask no more, my lips are sealed.) Thereafter, towards the end of the week, I’ll be putting up one final guest post from the second mystery WSW participant…

What a feast for the mind, heart and soul this has all turned out to be. 🙂

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