The City of Masks

Ashley Capes is a poet and author of fantasy novels who very kindly interviewed me over on his blog the other day. I’d like to return the favour by asking him to post about his new book, ‘The City of Masks.’ You can check it out in electronic format now, or in a short while in print form.


City of Masks (Book 1 of The Bone Mask Trilogy) is an epic fantasy novel set mostly around an ancient city perched on an unforgiving coast, and follows three characters and their struggles around masks of power.


Waking in Anaskar Prison, covered in blood and accused of murder, nobody will listen to Notch’s claims of innocence until he meets the future Protector of the Monarchy, Sofia Falco.

But Sofia has her own burdens. The first female Protector in a hundred years, her House is under threat from enemies within, the prince has made it clear he does not want her services and worst of all, she cannot communicate with her father’s sentient mask of bone, the centuries-old Argeon. Without the bone mask she cannot help anyone — not herself, and certainly not a mercenary with no powerful House to protect him.

Meanwhile, far across the western desert, Ain, a young Pathfinder, is thrust into the role of Seeker. Before winter storms close the way, he must leave his home on a quest to locate the Sea Shrine and take revenge on the people who drove his ancestors from Anaskar, the city ruled by the prince Sofia and Notch are sworn to protect, whether he wants their help or not.


Sounds great, Ashley!

Read more about Ashley Capes on his blog,

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