Sir Julius Vogel Awards – part deux!

It’s always bizarre dancing the promotion jig for one’s own work. But when it comes to a certain artist and his fabulous cover designs, I have no problem! *drumroll* don’t forget to nominate FRANK VICTORIA this year for his amazing cover artwork on ‘Oracle’s Fire’ (see below.) I adore this cover to bits and think it’s well worth the award…


Just an aside about the nomination: some people have expressed shock at the seeming complexity of the process. Really, it’s quite simple. I’ve included a sample email below. Just copy and paste, make sure you’re nominating the right person for the right thing, and don’t forget your own contact details at the bottom.


To whom it may concern,

I’d like to nominate Frank Victoria for the 2012 Sir Julius Vogel award for best artwork, for his work on the cover of ‘Oracle’s Fire’.

Frank’s contact email is


(Sender’s name and contact details)

…If you nominate me, you can adapt that and pop in my name, ‘best novel’ or whatever category and my email,

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