‘River’ beauties

Several dastardly plots and plans are on the slow boil over here, set to be implemented on this blog after the holiday period. In the meantime, I did promise a surprise for you all in my last post about the ‘River’ anthology. In fact, there are two beautiful surprises in store. One is the finished cover for the collection:



…The other is, of course, the Map of Contents. Yes, you heard aright: this gorgeous anthology has a MAP of contents, not a table of contents. And that just suits the concept perfectly. Feast your eyes…


Isn’t that amazing?  I’m just about stamping with impatience to read these stories.

Remember, you can pre-order here.

EDIT: and now it’s available on Amazon, too!


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4 Responses to ‘River’ beauties

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Love the cover and the map, Mary–& am looking forward to the stories!

  2. Bahiyyih says:

    A map of contents is such a brilliant idea…
    It’s almost as good as a recipe.

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