Rain: please

It’s canicule weather here in north-eastern France. I can hardly breathe, let alone venture into the sunlight. Summer seems to have elbowed its way into spring, shoving out all the oxygen along the way. Living in New Zealand, I’d forgotten how hot the continental summers can be…

But it’s more than just hot. These temperatures are stifling, oppressive, impossible to maintain. This is the dead heat before a storm: everything’s about to change. And may I say, bring it on. May the storm be metaphorical as well as meteorological… I feel the need of a mind monsoon.

EDIT: And the rain came today. 🙂

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6 Responses to Rain: please

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    A mind monsoon? How so–further elucidation & explication required.:)

    • MaryV says:

      A new project, pardi! Words falling like rain… idea storms. 😉

      Ever been outside when a summer storm hits? That wonderful moment of thinking, “oops, I can’t get out of this. Oh heck, I don’t mind getting drenched. Yay!”

      • Helen Lowe says:

        So glad the rain came–I hope it did so in the mind as w ell. But you cant force it (ok, just my imho)—I find ‘dooodling’ helps, just putting down every word you cna think of around a single idea, making a kind o words and ideas web on the whiteboard of the mind. Plus long walks, and gardening, and doing something completely out of my ordinary routine …

        • MaryV says:

          Yes, all good methods. I also like to leave a fallow period and mulch down (to extend the garden metaphor) on ideas. That way, when I’m ready, they take form and grow.

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