Perspective for 2012

I have quite a few tasty blog morsels planned for you guys in January. This is good, because not only do we all need tasty morsels in our lives, but also because they’ll be the last on offer here for a while. I’ll be heading back to my writing cave again in about a month’s time – ie, there will be far fewer blog posts from February onwards, due to a Pressing Need to Complete the New Book (a chronic malaise afflicting writers, or so I’ve heard.)

I suspect, however, that there will be relatively few posts here even after that ms is complete. The new book is not related to COT, and merits its own blog. Maybe. If you’re good. I’ll post links to such a thing, if it eventuates.

So this month’s series of posts is going to be a swan song for the regular Chronicles of the Tree journal, though the site will remain operational and any COT-related news items shared. Meanwhile, even in the absence of another book blog, never fear – I’m available on email (you can find the address under ‘Contact’) and always try and answer promptly.

As for the future – it is bright. It may not resemble anything you or I could expect, but it will be interesting, and hopefully not in the sense of the Chinese curse.

2012, I think, will be a year of Master Chaynges. (RIP Russell Hoban.)


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4 Responses to Perspective for 2012

  1. Bahiyyih says:

    Thank you for all the tasty morsels of 2011. If one were to give a prize for the best of them, it would certainly be the Dictionary of the Tree – at least for me. May your lexicon lift up its roots and fly from here on.

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Mary, I shall miss this blog—but look forward to all the new that 2012 has to bring.

    • MaryV says:

      Thank you Helen. Your enjoyment, loyalty and staunch support mean a huge amount to me, believe me. 🙂 You have been a regular commenter and most appreciated discussion partner here! (So I hope you will also be one elsewhere.)

      2012 is a Dragon year: it can’t help but be interesting!

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