Oh but I am here, and working to boot

Yes, folks, that’s what you hear: the sound of typing through them thar crickets! I have actually returned to my WIP after what seems like an eternity (but is really just about two months.) I hate not writing, and am very glad to be back on the case.

Otherwise, the house and job hunt continues, but at this point the lines are thrown and it’s more a question of reeling in what bites… and hoping it won’t be an old shoe.

London continues to fascinate me. I find a city that is quite different from the one I left behind in 2000. Culturally, linguistically, in terms of fashion and cuisine… everything has changed, and in a general way for the better, if you like diversity. One thing I do wonder – where have all the punks gone? Come on folks, punk’s not dead. Show me some green hair and a safety pin or two.

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3 Responses to Oh but I am here, and working to boot

  1. Tarran Jones says:

    Hi hi, Yay for you writing again!!! I submitted my MS to Voyager the other day (the 12 week open submissions opportunity) Now, fingers crossed. Good luck with the house and job hunts. I love your website (the one you put up on FB the other day)

    I saw a lady in coles last Tuesday with a short green mohawk and peircings. She was so lovely, Amelia was cranky because she had her immunisations and she helped me distract her.

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