Oh brave new world, that has such speculative fiction in it

As part of my celebrations for the launch of ‘Samiha’s Song’ and in anticipation of this series of guest posts on the theme of Writing Strong Women, I treated myself with the prospect of reading at least one work by each of my sff guest authors. Some I had encountered already: I was thrilled to discover the work of Helen Lowe (‘Thornspell’, ‘Heir of Night’) last year, as well as that of Blake Charlton (‘Spellwright’) and Saladin Ahmed (‘Mr Hadj’s Sunset Ride’ and ‘The Faithful Soldier, Prompted’.)

I began 2011 in style, reading the ‘Baggage’ anthology edited by Gillian Polack, which included short stories by a raft of gob-smackingly good speculative fiction writers. I have now moved on to Kaaron Warren’s ‘Walking the Tree’, and plan to read Kim Falconer’s ‘Path of the Stray’ and Glenda Larke’s Stormlord series in the coming months, as well as sampling Nicole Murphy’s Dream of the Asarlai and Tim Jones’ latest anthology of short stories, Transported. And of course I’ll be seeking out the works of my mystery participants – whose identities will soon be revealed. What treats lie in store!

Kaaron’s WSW post is scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve been reveling in ‘Walking the Tree’ and I have to say Kaaron writes very compellingly indeed from a female perspective. In fact, comparisons with Ursula K. Le Guin spring to mind – the book is reminiscent in tone and style to such favourites of mine as ‘Always Coming Home’ and ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’. I feel like going back and starting up that post-apocalyptic conversation with Tim Jones all over again… It’ll be fun to hear what Kaaron has to say about Writing Strong Women.

Another fun affair due for tomorrow will be my interview with Helen Lowe celebrating the release of ‘Samiha’s Song’. It should appear on her blog early on Monday morning (Sunday for those on the late side of the world.) I had a good time preparing this interview with Helen, who asks some wonderfully sneaky, sharp questions about the new story directions taken in ‘Samiha’… I hope you enjoy!

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3 Responses to Oh brave new world, that has such speculative fiction in it

  1. Gillian says:

    What I love about Kaaron’s writing is that she’s not afraid of the darkness some strong women possess.

    And that’s a great reading project (of course I say that – you liked my anthology – I’m sitting here very pleased)

    • MaryV says:

      I can’t go wrong with this line-up, Gillian! It’s going to be a great reading year.

      By the way, Kaaron’s post is up, now. 🙂

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