New experiments and Eye to the Telescope II

This morning I was skimming through the final proofs for ‘Oracle’s Fire’, doing a quick check for any typo’s before the book goes to the printer. I enjoyed it, despite the fact that I’m sure I missed some bloopers. I found I was being swept away again by certain passages, which is all to the good. 

What really hit me, leafing through the pages of this last installment of ‘the Chronicles of the Tree’, was how different my writing priorities have become in the last few months. I finished COT in one mode. I have now switched radically. This is also to the good.

Generally, publishers become a little nervous when writers speak of ‘changing style’, or ‘trying new things.’ They say (and rightly) ‘but but but Mary, you’ve painstakingly built up a readership of people who love what you’re doing. Why would you change now?’

Never fear. Mary Victoria and her adventure books set in a giant tree won’t go away. There is simply someone else this author can also be, and another way she can write. Vive la difference. I’ve already talked on this blog about how much I’m appreciating the short story form. I recently made another new writing foray, this time into sff-themed poetry. It’s ‘new’ only because I’ve never had a poem published before. But I have been writing them, pretty much all my literate life (starting at about age 7 or so, God help my poor mother.) I’m capable of mouthing off in meter and rhyme. Please don’t hold it against me. 😉

I hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of NZ poetry, edited by Tim Jones and including work by such talented NZ authors as Alicia Ponder, Grant Stone and Joe Dolce. I certainly enjoyed writing ‘Rapunzel.’

Searching for new voices, changing, experimenting – it keeps me sane. 



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6 Responses to New experiments and Eye to the Telescope II

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Mary, I know I have said it before, but I am very much looking foeward to “Oracles Fire”!

    And congratulations on “Rapunzel”—I very much wanted to submit something to “Eye to the Telescope” but alas, the Great revision mitigated against all such ambitions! But at least I am writing the earthquake poems now, as in ‘writing poetry good’ and ‘writing diversity good.’ (And for those who know thier Buffy—“beer bad” 😉 )

    If taking your wriitng in new dorections is the ‘calling of your heart’, then follow that calling, say I. But you see, I already know that you will, and are …

    • MaryV says:

      Writing good. Diversity good. Beer make Buffy blonde. 🙂

      Anyway, I can’t really help it… The story chooses me. You know what that feels like.

      I’d have liked to see an ETTT poem from you. Another time, I hope!

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    And please excuse the late night typos, ie ‘foeward’ for ‘forward’ and ‘thier’ for ‘their’! 🙁

    • MaryV says:

      LOL you should have seen all the typo’s in this post to begin with. I think proofing all morning crossed my eyes – there were bloopers everywhere.

  3. Bahiyyih says:

    One of you should write a collection of poems based on bloopers: earthquakes in language. More power to your elbows.

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