Multum non multa

The adage might be ‘do much of one thing, not many things,’ but unfortunately I am firmly in ‘multa’ mode at the moment and have many small items of news to report.

Item the first: I have finished an iteration of my latest manuscript and sent it to my agent – huzzah! It’s under 90000 words, a far slimmer offering than the three previous books. It’s also firmly in the magical realist camp and a big departure for me. Exciting, nerve-wracking, you name it.

Item the second: ‘Tymon’s Flight’, ‘Samiha’s Song’ and ‘Oracle’s Fire’ many be getting their worldwide release sometime this year from HarperCollins, in both e-book and printed format. Β More on this unlooked-for good news when I have it!

Item the third: Slowly settling into life in London and on the boat, both of which involve a learning curve. This city has changed a great deal in the last twelve years. I love it, as always.

Item the fourth: Somewhat related to the above, I have put out my back. Ouch! The inflammation, it burrrrrns.

Item the fifth: Hollywood is nuts. My former life appears to be imploding. Thank goodness, this doesn’t affect us too much for now as Frank has a teaching job. But if he didn’t? Serious pain.

For now, we’re walking the wire. For now, we’re balancing…

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12 Responses to Multum non multa

  1. Tyson Perna says:

    Great news about your books being released worldwide! And I can’t wait to read your new one. Do you know where it’s being released?

    • MaryV says:

      Not yet, Tyson. I only just sent it to the agent. She’ll get back to me with comments/revisions. When and if she feels it’s ready, she’ll then pitch it to publishers… I have a long road ahead on this one. It’s so different from the others it’s basically like being a debut, all over again.

  2. Gillian Polack says:

    I like some of the items particularly (your novel-news, your husband’s job) but really don’t approve of two items. Your back doesn’t have to emulate Hollywood, you know.

    • MaryV says:

      I am now on the right anti-inflammatory medicine, so hopefully that will sort it out in a few days… Meanwhile, I have an excuse not to mop the floor. πŸ˜‰

      • Gillian Polack says:

        I love anti-inflammatories, being on them myself right now. They make *such* a difference to quality of life. I taught all yesterday and went for a research excursion this morning. This afternoon is part rest and part taxes. Three weeks ago, the whole weekend would have been rest.

        • MaryV says:

          They do make a huge difference. Right now the worst position to be in is sitting. Just as well I don’t have tracts to write…

  3. Helen Lowe says:

    Great news re your completion of the book, Frank’s job, the boat lifestyle, and the Tree trilogy: super w00t!

    Not good at all re the back though, despite a huzza for modern medicine and anti-inflammatories.

    Be careful out there, my Mary, amongst the English…

    • MaryV says:

      You mean be careful of perfidious Albion? πŸ˜‰

      The back is an ongoing annoyance. I’m taking the pills with religious fervour and hoping *it’ll just go away.*

  4. ashleycapes says:

    Fantastic news, Mary – congratulations!
    And what can you tell us about the magic realism story, sounds great!

    • MaryV says:

      Hi Ashley! The new story is drafted and now in editing mode. There’s still some way to go but I’m finally seeing the light I believe – a pinprick way down there… πŸ™‚ You can read more about the themes on my ‘Next Big Thing’ post:

  5. ashleycapes says:

    Fantastic, thank you – wow, back in December, I haven’t checked here in a while, huh? πŸ™‚

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