Last chance to vote for Sir Julius Vogel Awards

The deadline for nominating works for the Sir Julius Vogel award is fast approaching… Come and support NZ specfic! Whether or not you decide to pop ‘Tymon’s Flight’ in one of the categories, there are plenty of good NZ or NZ-related titles to choose from this year: ‘Heir of Night’, ‘A Foreign Country’, ‘Guardian of the Dead’, ‘Geist’ and ‘Barking Death Squirrels’ among others… Not to speak of one of my personal favourites, Lucy Sussex’s short story, ‘Albert & Victoria/Slow Dreams’, published in ‘Baggage’.

So come and show your appreciation for science fiction and fantasy from the Land of the Long White Cloud!

SJV nominations

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2 Responses to Last chance to vote for Sir Julius Vogel Awards

  1. Kim Falconer says:

    Can we vote twice? he he he

    Here’s to NZ Spec Fic

    • MaryV says:

      Hm… You could strong-arm a friend into voting. 😉

      Lots of good spec fic coming out of these little islands on the underside of the world, ain’t there? Ka pai.

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