Just call me Steve McQueen

…Because I live for (literary) speed. In the past three weeks, I have achieved, in no particular order:

– Completed edits for ‘Oracle’s Fire’. Good lord. I was supposed to reduce the word count on this pass: somehow, even with all my judicious cuts, it has increased to 167000. Various plot creases have been smoothed out. Character arcs are wound up. The story is finished: long live the story. This trilogy will go out in style, my friends.

– Scheduled and carried out child’s vaccinations, before school checks, school visits and a birthday party. Revamped earthquake stocks.

– Wrapped up a blog party, completed a couple of interviews and guest posts, organised a trip for three to Europe with a phenomenally noodly itinerary, and finally lost it after noticing – too late – that one of our flights required us to arrive at the airport at 4am with a five-year old. @(#*$&

– Took notes for two further short stories due asap.

I am woman, hear me roar. Actually, hear me grumble a bit, then settle down to a nice cuppa.

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8 Responses to Just call me Steve McQueen

  1. Darned good going for three weeks! And 167k! I hope your editor is cool with that! I hope it sells a million. well, a good few thou, anyway.

    As for travel with 5 yr olds at 4.00am or any other time – glad it’s you and not me!

    • MaryV says:

      The travel is going to be a slog, ay. Much zen will be required…

      As for the book: I second your prayer. In fact, I third and fourth it. 🙂

  2. Gillian says:

    Yay for completion! Not so yay for early start :). Me, I teach til midday (taking luggage with me) then go straight to the airport. The night I arrive, it seems I have a meeting…I shall break all the rules and have a sleep at the hotel during the afternoon.

    • MaryV says:

      You’re going via Singapore, yes? That’s our route from Aus… coming back the other way, through SanFran and LA. And London, somehow. It’s going to be a marathon.

  3. Tyson Perna says:

    How long were the MS’s for the first two books?

    Have fun in Europe. Chances are that your daughter will just sleep through the trip. Nice thing about 4 year olds is that you can pick them up and sling them over a shoulder.

    • MaryV says:

      Sleep through two 12 hour trips? I wish… 🙂

      MS for book one: 140000 words. MS for book two: 135000 (if I remember correctly)

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