In which I recall student days on Nicole Murphy’s blog

Come by and hear me blather on Nicole Murphy’s blog, in aid of her ‘Rogue Gadda’ release celebration! In this post I reminisce about early nineties student-dom and the fine art of voting for the Flying Yogis (true London tale.) Nicole says some incredibly kind things about yours truly to introduce the blog post, by the way. Hey Nicole, it’s supposed to be your big day! 😉

Judging from what has appeared so far, and the fantastic list of writers still to come, there will be much food for thought in this series. The theme is ‘Dreams and Fulfillment’, and we will hear from the following people: Kevin J Anderson (already up,) Alan Baxter (already up,) Joanne Anderton, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Helen Lowe, Kirstyn McDermott, Kim Falconer, Kerrelyn Sparks, Trent Jamieson, and Justina Robson.

Congrats again, Nicole!

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