In the beauty

I don’t know if other authors feel as I do, but one of the most marvellous things that have happened to me as a writer is to be privileged to witness artists creating images inspired by my stories. These glimpses of a world that previously only existed in imagination make my heart soar… I become as excited as a little child, squealing with delight over a bright new toy.

So without further ado – here are two more images based on the world of the Tree, created by the wonderful Frank Victoria. Be sure to click on the link under each picture to see them full size, and squeal with me!

Argos City:



Galliano’s workshop:



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7 Responses to In the beauty

  1. Julia Brunet says:

    Beautiful depictions of the wonderful world you created! Julie

  2. Olga says:

    Really inspirational artwork tends to leave impressions me as I read. Middle Earth always looks like Alan Lee and John Howe’s interpretations in my head now, and Argos like Frank’s interpretations. I love Galliano’s workshop 🙂 They’re beautiful, he is so talented.

    • MaryV says:

      He is, and he makes it his business to be continually improving his craft. This was an experiment to stretch his artistic wings. One of the things I admire most about Frank is his desire to constantly learn. So many people would rest on their laurels… not him. 🙂

  3. Helen Lowe says:

    Fabulous! I’m envious, of course… 🙂

    • MaryV says:

      🙂 Talk to your publishers. They might be able to commission some Frank Victoria visions of the world of Haarth… Seriously. Deluxe edition? Box set?

    • MaryV says:

      And again: illustrations have been known to be given to good friends, perhaps as birthday presents. Dates might be sent, something might be arranged… Just saying… 🙂

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