Should old acquaintance be forgot…

Well, what a year. Amazing, difficult, full of reversals, full of promise. Pretty much everything went wrong, in order to then go right – in a different way to what was expected. Everything turned inside out and upside down and it was all very interesting. We set out to go to Paris, and found ourselves in London. We set out to buy a flat and ended up living on a boat. We thought we’d be nice and conventional in our choices, and surprised ourselves… mightily. And I’m grateful for it, because this is what keeps me sharp. Surprise me. Challenge me, and I will be content. Never leave me in a rut.

So what next, 2013? You look set to be another cracker. We’ve started our London journey, but have by no means completed it. Much remains to be done. Work-wise, the WIP stands at over 70000 words. Less than a fifth of the novel remains – I’m close to wrapping this one up, so close I’m getting the Screaming End Terrors. After that there will be The Rewrite and The Pitch.

Work aside, I’m looking forward to enjoying London. I’ve already started dragging my long-suffering daughter around the Science and Natural History Museums. I want to see exhibitions, concerts and films. Enough with the serious stuff, let’s have some fun in 2013!

Best wishes to you all.

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  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Happy New Year, Mary — may it bring you marvels and wonders! Love & hugs from the far side of the world. 🙂

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