General updatery

It’s that time again. I’m good at the once-a-month appearances, aren’t I?  😉

On the personal front, I haven’t much to report, except that I feel I’ve seen this road before. We’re contemplating moving yet again, to be closer to work. I’m still doggedly chipping away at the ms in between all the rest. While it seems never to be done, I suspect that may be because I’m close to the finish. It’s when I think I’m finished that I find I’m nowhere near done.

Meanwhile, and on a related topic, a couple of articles caught my attention this morning. The idea that artists shouldn’t expect to be paid for their work continues to gain credence in some quarters while Jaron Lanier takes the opposite view, arguing the internet hasn’t really helped us create a fairer world.

I am continuously amazed at people who advocate reducing the already precarious livelihoods of artists. I want to put that smug ‘pirate party’ European parliament member in the shoes of a working author or musician who needs three pennies to rub together to keep writing, making music etc. Please, direct your zeal for transparency and fair use towards a worthy target – politicians, perhaps?

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  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Perhaps we should apply Ms Andersdotter’s principle to her own political career: i.e. that she should pursue it and the work involved for no remuneration from European taxpayers, in the interest of the ‘greater good’, since that is a principle she finds so appealing in relation to others–‘what’s sauce for the goose’ after all…

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