Four links and a guest post

Sounds a bit like ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, doesn’t it? Maybe there’s a writer’s version: ‘Four Reviews and a Convention Ticket’.

This is just a quick, news-related item on the ‘off’ day between my wonderful Writing Strong Women guest posters. As you know, Nicole Murphy started us off yesterday with her post, where the discussion is still brewing! I shall be putting up Gillian Polack’s piece for the continuation of the series on Thursday (that’s the antipodean Thursday: American visitors would call it a Wednesday,) and there will be many more great posts to come, including those from Voyager stars Glenda Larke and Kim Falconer, as well as a few mystery posters whom I have reserved for the final half of the series… It’s going to be very interesting line up!

Coincidentally, Gillian also invited me to blog for the occasion of the ‘Samiha’ release on her own Livejournal. The post, Telling The Long White Cloud, deals with NZ writers and the process of becoming an NZ writer.

But that’s not all. If you for some strange reason crave more yakking from me, I’m up on the Galaxy Bookshop blog, answering their questions about the Chronicles of the Tree series!

And finally, ‘Samiha’s Song’ has had its first review – and as most writers will tell you, the first is the most nerve-wracking. I’m very happy to report it’s a lovely one from the folks at SFFANZ.

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