Eneit Press – a call to arms

I was shocked and saddened to read this news on the Eneit Press blog today.

Eneit is a wonderful Australian small press specializing in speculative fiction and dark fantasy of a high calibre. If you remember, I started off this year in style by reading Eneit’s ‘Baggage’ anthology, edited by Gillian Polack and including stories by such authors as Jennifer Fallon, Kaaron Warren, Lucy Sussex and others. I absolutely loved it. The stories were all good, some jaw-droppingly so, and I was looking forward to seeing more high quality, ‘literary’ SFF from Eneit Press.

It seems I won’t have the chance, and neither will you. And that’s a crying shame.

The one thing that keeps me from breaking out the voodoo dolls and generally behaving in a most unladylike manner at this point is the knowledge that we – me, you, everyone – can actually do something to help Eneit Press. We can buy the remaining copies of ‘Baggage’ and make sure that Sharyn Lilley is not saddled with more debt than she has already incurred due to this fiasco. We can ensure that while she may never be paid by Borders for the books already sold, Sharyn will recuperate some of her losses by selling the rest directly to the public.

We can recommend this excellent anthology to others, achieving two fine goals in one: promoting good fantastic literature, and cleaning out Eneit’s current print run completely. Every last copy.

So spread the word, my SFF-loving friends. You can buy Baggage through the Eneit website if you’re in Australia. If you’re overseas, contact me and I’ll send you the right email to order directly from Sharyn. Even if we can’t save Eneit, we can help give back a little to the woman who created it. Small press, literary press, is a precious thing.

I hope one day to see the likes of Eneit again.

Pick up some Baggage.

Humankind carries the past as invisible baggage. Thirteen brilliant writers explore this, looking at Australia’s cultural baggage through new and often disturbing eyes.

Baggage explores layers and complexities that are oddly Australian. If you think Australian culture is all about neighbours and mateship, you may find Baggage distressing.

What is Australia?  What baggage do Australians carry?  Pick up this book.
Have a read.

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  1. Great idea, Mary. I’ll blog it.

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