Double trouble

By gum, this morning I came across two of my favourite contemporary Kiwi authors chatting on the interwebs. Not to be missed:

Helen Lowe interviews Tim Jones


As I’ve said here before, I love Tim Jones’ work. His latest poetry collection, ‘Men Briefly Explained’, is currently available through Interactive Press. Highly recommended!


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5 Responses to Double trouble

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Hey Mary–Tim is always fun to chat with and this was no exception. I think readers will enjoy what he has to say.:)

    What are you up to right now, ‘anyhoo’?

    • MaryV says:

      What I’m up to today in particular – little one’s home from school with a cold, so I’ve been doing much in the way of reading aloud. 😉
      But in general, just working away on the WIP whenever I get a chance.

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Reading aloud can be fun. Right now I’m working on a guest post on “The Band of Brothers” in epic fantasy …

  3. Helen Lowe says:

    I hope so, if I can ever get it done!

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