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Reading about the passing of Voyager author Sara Douglass yesterday, I was struck by a phrase repeated in so many of the tributes posted by her fellow writers. They said Sara encouraged them when they were first establishing themselves as authors, and remembered her staunch support in those initial years. 

I never met Ms Douglass myself. But I can tell you that the spirit of support and encouragement Voyager Australia authors show each other (and their colleagues in general) is alive and well. It’s a wonderful legacy and I hope it continues. Writing is a lonely business and we all need that sense of community, of not being stuck too far out on a limb. What’s more, the promotional part of the business is – for me at least, and I know others who feel the same – the equivalent of pulling teeth. I hugely value the advice, support and practical help of colleagues in this regard.

I’ve recently had further proof, if proof was necessary, of the big-heartedness of Australian authors. Hearing I couldn’t make it to Conflux this year, two fellow writers, Nicole Murphy and Gillian Polack, offered to host a mini-launch for ‘Oracle’s Fire’ at the con. Imagine my relief and joy when I learned that thanks to these friends, the last title of the Chronicles of the Tree will be sent out into the world in style…

I’ll be sharing the launch with author Simon Haynes (hello Simon!) It’ll be held in the Launceston room at 12pm on Sunday. Nicole will be introducing the book, Gillian will be reading from it, and both will be armed with quantities of chocolate. 🙂

What else can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you?  

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  1. Kim Falconer says:

    Mary, it’s so true. The support and guidance I have received from the Voyager crew and authors (you included of course) is just wonderful and I know that Sara set that tone when things first got rolling. Thank your for bringing this up. It’s heartwarming in the best sort of way.

    And congratulations on Oracles Fire going off to Conflux! That’s great news! Woot to Nicole and Gillian. I am sure everyone going will have a blast! Here’s hopping we are both going next year!


    • MaryV says:

      Here’s to that, Kim. 🙂 I really do feel Sara set the tone, as well as Stephanie of course, in how it all goes down at Voyager. Long may it continue…

      I haven’t decided what else to do to celebrate ‘Oracle’, apart from the ongoing Dictionary. I wonder if we should do another series of guest posts? My brain hasn’t been quite as focused on all this as it should be…

  2. Bahiyyih says:

    From one who is really enjoying the Dictionary, thank you for what you are already doing. And to those who encourage you to keeping doing it.

  3. Bahiyyih says:

    Yet another opportunity for a Metaphysical Moment in your life. How MUCH you have to thank Voyager for…

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