Coming up: UnCON in Auckland!

If any of you are in Auckland this coming Queen’s Birthday weekend, make sure to pop by NZ’s very own Natcon: ‘UnConventional,’ held at the Surrey Hotel between 1-4th June.

Yours truly will be appearing on panels in the company of some absolutely lovely authors. So far my schedule is as follows:

Saturday 3pm ‘Cornwall’ room¬†– “Women in Fantasy & SF” with Helen Lowe, Lyn McConchie and Trudi Canavan

Sunday 9am ‘Sussex’ room ¬†– “Armageddon as Allegory” with Simon Petrie, Phill Simpson, Darusha Wehm and Beaulah Pragg

Sunday 2pm ‘Cornwall’ room – “Geography in SF” with Trudi Canavan, Russell Kirkpatrick and Stephen Minchin

Reading Sunday 4:30 pm in the ‘Dorset’ room

Good God, now I have to decide what to read.

Check out other details on the UnCon website.

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2 Responses to Coming up: UnCON in Auckland!

  1. Bahiyyih says:

    So exciting! Such an excellent chance to meet with friends before you leave them. take lots of pictures plese, or ask someone else to…

    • MaryV says:

      Ah, you’ve spilled the beans! I haven’t made a leaving announcement yet. Mostly because I still can’t believe it myself…

      I will try to take pics and write up a report for the Voyager blog, too.

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