Samiha’s Song

Release date February 2011

Tymon leaves his new home and his beloved Samiha to complete his Grafting studies with the famous Oracle of Nur. But Tymon and fellow traveller Jedda find that locating the Oracle in a corrupt and lawless city run by pirates and slave-drivers is no easy matter.

Samiha’s fate has been predicted by Grafters down the ages. When she is captured in Cherk Harbour and charged with grand heresy, there seems to be no way out… but Tymon does not believe in fate and is desperate to save her life.

As chaos hums through the Tree, survival revolves on the fate of just one…


WON IN 2012:

Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel



Second books in a trilogy are usually that empty zone of story and/or character development as the author manoeuvres the principal characters and events into position so that the big set-piece showdown between the heroes and the villains can happen. Not so in ‘Samiha’s Song’ where not only do new principal characters come into play but the characters, most notably Tymon the hero of the first book, grow and mature as people.

…Enjoy is too weak a word to describe my reaction to this book. I was shocked and elated, surprised and annoyed, and left deeply craving book three so I could carry on the saga straight away – which I consider a sign of good writing.


Mary Victoria is good at blending the usual fantasy tropes with a level of ambiguity that allows for shades of grey in her worldview. Ultimately Samiha’s Song is less about good versus evil as it is corruption versus innocence, freedom versus conformity, trust and faith versus fear and hatred.




Samiha’s Song


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