Tymon’s Flight

Release date August 2010

The World Tree rises up out of the seething clouds like a green mountain. All creation nestles in its green branches. There is no world besides this one… or so the people believe.

Tymon grows up at Argos seminary in the lush heart of the Central Canopy, where science is a heretical pursuit and travel beyond the Tree is banned. But he yearns to break free of these rules and discover new horizons. When he meets a despised Nurian slave in the city baths, his dreams of freedom take on a completely different meaning.

Banished to a drought-ridden colony, Tymon falls in with a group of Nurian rebels and finds   himself facing difficult choices. Fighting for freedom and power is not so enticing when it may mean betraying his own people and severing all ties to the world he knows…


Sir Julius Vogel Awards for Best Novel and Best New Talent

The Gemmell Morningstar Award


Sometimes in fantasy you will come across a hidden gem, a book that you cross paths with having heard absolutely nothing about it, a book that you were unprepared for that completely blows you away. I have been very lucky having found quite a number of these hidden gems in the past twelve months, but of these hidden gems few can compare to Tymon’s Flight by Mary Victoria, a book that has taken a remarkable idea and complemented it with one of the most engaging stories I have read this year.

Fantasy Book Review

Though I tried to pace myself with a chapter a night, I soon found that this was impossible. Once the story picks up, reading becomes compulsive, and an entire weekend was devoted to finishing up ‘Tymon’s Flight’. Mary Victoria has created an intriguing world, likeable characters, and a tried-and-true conflict of heroic underdogs versus corrupt priestly bureaucrats. I’d be first in line to pick up the sequel.


Ms Victoria has created a fascinating world and a strong cast of characters who at turns surprise, fascinate and appal. I regret to note that book two in the series is due for publication next year and not next week…


The strength of this coming-of-age story is in its characterization of Tymon, whose motivation for rebelliousness grows out of a boyhood yearning for freedom and adventure. […] Equally as engaging is the novel’s unusual setting – a world steeped in arcane tree-mysticism – with its wooden cities and wind-driven dirigibles, its voyage through storm-whipped foliage and stark wilderness, making ‘Tymon’s Flight’ the perfect book to relax with and immerse myself in.

— The Specusphere

…This hybridisation of familiar concepts is one of the biggest factors that give this tale such a broad potential base of fans. Old ideas given new life through creative mixing and reinvigorating… that’s what keeps innovation going.




Tymon’s Flight


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