Bob Kuhn reports back from Worldcon

Apparently, the reading at Worldcon went very well. Bob Kuhn writes back from the scene:

Hello to the superb Australian and New Zealand authors for whom I had the privilege of reading at the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno over the last two days. The good news is that the audience loved the first reading and returned for the second; they were impressed by the quality of the work by all the authors in both sessions. The arguments about “the best” excerpt bounced from the lyrical/poetical works, to the light hearted, to the macabre, to … you get the idea. The bad news is that yours truly is not well-enough known to have the draw to bring in the audience the works deserved. (I did a reading in honour of Diana Wynne Jones, which drew less than 30 people.)

Thank you for letting me try this experiment, and I’d love to do it any time I’m on program at a con, but I hope we can find a way to get you the wide audiences you deserve.

To which most authors I know would probably respond as follows (with or without the surfer accent): ‘Duuuuuude. I originally had no audience at Worldcon. Your reading got me an audience, and made that audience really happy! Even if ONE person showed up, that’s a 100% increase in turnout!’ 

Now, further plots and plans are afoot for an audio sampler featuring excerpts read by Bob. Keep an eye out for that later on in the year – it should be fantastic!

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4 Responses to Bob Kuhn reports back from Worldcon

  1. Kim Falconer says:

    That’s exactly what I said, Mary . . . sans the DUUUUUUDE 🙂 But I like the way you say it!

    He’s got such a fab voice and I can’t wait for the further plots and plans to unfold!!!


    • MaryV says:

      I’m also eager to see this wonderful sampler plan of yours come to fruition! Because, as Surfer Dude would say: “Like, man, it’s totally powerful karma.” 😀

  2. I think I saw that post – on the publisher’s blog? I forget. Could you please pop in a link so I can find it again and put in my comment too? Very nice gentleman, he really couldn’t fit me in but offered to do it next time he gets the chance.

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