And also for End Times and Explorer Sect…


End signs, fire times.
East and west
Pass the test
North, south
Through the Mouth
End signs, fire times.

-Argosian children’s rhyme


End Times: Eschatological period of reckoning foretold by prophets from both the Nurian and Argosian traditions. How the End Times are described generally reflects the preoccupations and aspirations of those making the predictions: Argosians look forward to being rewarded for faithful belief, whereas Nurians look forward to being freed of Argosian rule. According to most of the legends, wrongs will be made right and an enigmatic figure called the Green Lord will appear to rule the Four Canopies, judging between the faithful and the damned. It is said that five Signs herald the advent of the End Times. See also ‘Year of Fire.’

Explorer Sect: a faction of Argosian scientists and priests who were interested in exploring beneath the Storm. They were disbanded a hundred years ago after being proven (by their counter-faction in the Council) to be demon-worshippers practicing human sacrifice. Their theories have since been declared heretical and any travel beneath the clouds at the base of the Tree banned.


Under the hood…

Why do people look forward to the end of the world? It seems worthy of a Darwin award, really, and yet so many of them do. As I am personally both fascinated and appalled by eschatological doctrines (the most appalling part for me being the idea of choosing between the faithful and the damned) I decided to approach the whole cliched idea of the end of the world from a slightly different angle in this series. This isn’t so apparent until the close of the third book, however, so I won’t indulge in spoilers. I will say one thing though: those looking for neat solutions will be sorely disappointed. 

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  1. Asakiyume says:

    Randomly choosing today to say that I’m enjoying your glossary, and that I really love the little illustrations that accompany it.

    • MaryV says:

      Thank you Asakiyume! Random notes of appreciated are much appreciated… 🙂

      The illustrations are fab, aren’t they? They’re by my husband, Frank Victoria, who also does the covers of the books (in another style.) He has worked in comics and it shows in these illuminations.

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