A long time ago

I can still remember how I used to blog

And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make those people read

Aaaand maybe they’d be happy, for a while…


I am so very sorry to have left it this long between updates, dear internet peeps. In my defense, I went through the nine circles of property hell this summer:

1. Limbo. Will we or won’t we sell our house? Will the buyer offer the right amount? Will we find the right house to buy ourselves? Will our offer be accepted? Will the chain be completed? (Five months go by) Is this damned sale dead or alive?

2. Lust. I WANT THAT HOUSE. That house is too expensive. I WANT THAT HOUSE. Tough, you can’t have it.

3. Gluttony. I am really, really sick of all this paperwork. What if I just eat the mortgage application. That’s a great excuse for not filling out the 101 forms I’ve been asked to fill out. Right?

4. Greed. Actually, forget this circle, our needs are pretty banal. Four walls, a roof… (I know, luxury.)

5. Anger. I am sick of sleeping on other peoples’ couches and beds and waiting for this (@¬£*&$ purchase to go through. I AM SICK OF IT

6. Heresy. What about if we harass the sellers and stalk them until they give us the house

7. Violence. Kill the agent. Throttle him. Wipe the smug smile off his face with a sledgehammer. Bury his brand new Volkswagen Beetle in manure.

8. Fraud. Why not fake the second job you need to apply for a higher mortgage. That would work, right?

9. Treachery. Bastards gazzumped us. BLOODY BASTARDS GAZZUMPED US


As you can see, it hasn’t been an easy journey, and blog updates were bound to be a bit thin on the ground. But we’re through the worst of the process, now – moved into the new place and reveling in the sensation of having a corner of the world¬† to call ‘our home’.

I hope to be a more frequent visitor to this blog in the future… but in the meantime, if you want a quick chat, you can always find me on Twatter and Fussbook:



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5 Responses to A long time ago

  1. Olga Hughes says:

    Glad you’re settled in Mary! I agree real estate agents need to be subject to medieval torture methods.

    • MaryV says:

      Don’t they just? Though if I’m honest, the agent wasn’t at fault in this case, and even saved the sale at the end. He had to deal with Level Six demons in the Upper Chain (see, even the property legal speak sounds satanic)

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Am glad you’re finally settled, Mary, can start to have a life again.

  3. Helen Lowe says:

    Hmm, that was meant to read “and can start to have a life again.” Sure hope you can, anywayz.

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