W is for Well, West Chasm, White-neck and Wind…

Well of Worlds : an area along the southern Fringes of the Eastern Canopy where the Storm clouds are thin. According to reports it is possible to see another canopy beneath the clouds, leading to the ‘many canopies’ theory of existence.

West Chasm: region of open air near Argos city. Unlike the Gap, branches are always visible on three sides of the Chasm. The Storm clouds are obscured by those below.

White-neck: An Argosian born in the Eastern Domains. These colonials are looked down on by inhabitants of the Central Canopy, and look down themselves on the Eastern natives they despise.

Wind-wells : windmill-like devices used by ancient Nurians to extract Treesap from deep shafts. According to some sources, it was this over-exploitation of the Eastern Canopy that led to the sap-wells drying up and the loss of the canopy’s leaves. Other (Argosian) sources claim that Nurians lost their Treesap through wrong belief.

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