Ursula – crossposted

A while ago, I had the honour of participating in a celebration of Women’s History Month over on Gillian Polack’s blog. I’ve now crossposted the entry here along with my other collected blatherings. For what is a journal without blather?

Speaking of which, I’m only 4000 words further on in my wip than I was two months ago. That, however, isn’t as disastrous as it sounds, as the other 50000 have been completely overhauled and rewritten in the intervening time. This is how I like writing: patchwork style, laying out some portions of the book, going back to rewrite, missing chapters, going back to add them… so much more satisfying than plodding through in linear fashion.

It’s a luxury, perhaps, born of not having to work to a deadline. It’s also the only way I could have worked this year, considering everything else going on – and yes, I’ll be posting about that soon, too. Change is good.

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