Update on ‘Oracle’s Fire’

Looks like the third and final book in the Chronicles of the Tree series will be released in October, rather than September, due to the folks at Voyager juggling around their schedules to find the best place to slot everyone in. The change is cool – I like an October release. I’m wondering if I might coincide with two other NZ specfic author friends whose books might be coming out around that time… Helen Lowe and Philipa Ballantine, thinking of you. If we do happen to coincide, you know what it means, right?

Right. UBER PARTY. 🙂

I can’t believe it – 2011 is slipping by at a prodigious rate. Almost April already. April is Swancon month… more about what that means to me in a little bit. But to wet your appetite, have a peek at Glenda Larke’s latest blogpost, where she discusses the Australian Natcon and conventions in general…

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2 Responses to Update on ‘Oracle’s Fire’

  1. Gillian says:

    I strongly recommend you all come to Canberra, and party at Conflux. Voyager needs a launch party…

    • MaryV says:

      Oh, so tempting… it’s just at the right time… that would be a fantastic way to bid farewell to the Chronicles of the Tree! Send it out with a bang.

      Two cons in one year, though… my credit card will have an apoplectic fit

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