Update on Helen

I’m very happy to report that Helen Lowe has emailed those who tried to contact her after the quake to let us know she’s alright. Power is intermittent and she’s asked we don’t answer the email/overload her phone.

UPDATE: you can now read all about her situation directly on her blog. Here’s the link:


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6 Responses to Update on Helen

  1. Gillian says:

    This is such a relief!

    • MaryV says:

      It’s so good to hear from her. I have to resist the urge to deluge her with emails saying, “SO GLAD!” and nonsense of the sort.

  2. Laurel Newberry says:

    The pictures we are getting here in the states are horrific, but it is clear we are only getting a tiny portion of the news. Having lived in severe earthquake Southern California for several years I can tell that this is a worst case scenario for the Christchurch area.

    Please let your friends know that they are being prayed for.

    Laurel N

    • MaryV says:

      Thanks Laurel. The pictures are, alas, very correct. The central city is flattened/unusable as is the nearby small town at the epicenter of the quake. Older buildings, tall buildings and brick buildings are the worse affected. Many suburbs are under water or sludge (like Helen’s.)

      Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Bahiyyih says:

    Thoughts so much with you and all your good friends in that part of the world. If ever there was a definition of a “strong woman” it is those who are draining the “liquefaction” from the floors of their homes in Christchurch.

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