Two fun links

I’m very proud of my husband, Frank Victoria, also known as cover artist extraordinaire for ‘Chronicles of the Tree’. Through his work with Weta he recently designed a character for the Wellington Children’s Hospital – and let me tell you, Hospi the lion brightens up those sad grey corridors no end. You can find him peeking out from behind recovery room tables and x-ray machines, hopping through waiting rooms and generally bringing cheer to many a corner of the hospital. I went on a tour to see, and so did TV3:



In other news, it’s election day in NZ. Helen Lowe has some compelling reasons why we should all get out and vote! Go for it!

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4 Responses to Two fun links

  1. I checked out the link. Wonderful! I cant blame you for being proud of him, Mary.

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Love Hospi, Mary! Pass on my congrats to Frank. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out re my election day post, too; I am back to fantasy fiction today, as is only proper!

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