Spam laureate

I get a great deal of spam on this site. But it isn’t all wasted. If you sift random sentences from the muck, there’s a strange, found-art beauty to the phrases:

Chinese cinema big-shot, environmental immunity enthusiasts
launched out of the ordinary responsibility
in a 19th-century construction surface
some may be struck before to skin the slumpĀ 
a substitute alternatively of thinking
He said: braids fancy
marrow shops displaying and selling Confectionery
located on the left-wing bank of the Seine
as a replacement for the accrual of dirt.

Eisenstein knew it: We can make sense out of anything.

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4 Responses to Spam laureate

  1. Simon Petrie says:

    That’s rather beautiful, and leaves me feeling that I have been letting a valuable resource go to waste. (But I honestly don’t think there’s any replacement for the accrual of dirt …)

    I shall henceforth view my spam folder in a new and opportunistic light. (This is not necessarily a good thing.)

    • MaryV says:

      Ah, but your spam is in Russian, isn’t it? (The LJ stuff, anyway.) I became so fed up with that, by the way, that I turned off all comments on LJ. I crosspost there now but that’s it.

      Today’s offering on the wordpress spam: “harmony their characteristic buildings. Erection: apartment”

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