Sir Julius Vogel nominations and a Samwise award…

Well, it’s that time of year again. The nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel awards for New Zealand speculative fiction are due before March 31st, and anyone can nominate, whether you’re from NZ or not. A list of eligible works may be found on the SFFANZ webpage. There’s another list up of member works at the SPECFICNZ website.


This is where I ask those who have read and enjoyed either ‘Samiha’s Song’ or ‘Oracle’s Fire’ to spare a moment and put in a kind word for the Chronicles of the Tree. With one caveat…

As both books are eligible in the ‘best novel’ category this year, I’ve been advised to choose one and ask people to nominate it, to avoid splitting the numbers. So in the interests of keeping the vote simple and clean, if you liked either book, do nominate ORACLE’S FIRE. It’s the last in the series and deserves to go out with a bang, I say! (Plus, I have a soft spot for Jedda.)

Helen Lowe has a wonderful post about how to nominate for the Sir Julius Vogel awards, here. Just click through, follow her instructions and remember to buy ‘The Gathering of the Lost’ when it comes out! Soon!

Oh, and don’t forget the short stories. If either ‘Rites’ or ‘The Daughter of the Khan’ tickled you at all, they’re eligible, too. 🙂


Speaking of Jedda… as I’ve said before on this blog, reader reviews mean a good deal to me. Crickhollow books has been a steadfast supporter of the Tree books. Lately, ‘Oracle’s Fire’ made it onto their end-of-year list… and nabbed two Crickhollow awards, to boot! The ‘best heroine’ made me proud. And the other… well, let’s just say it was very apt, and made me laugh out loud. You can keep your Oscars and Golden Globes, I’ll take my Samwise award, thank you.


EDIT: I’ll post more about this, but one of the SJV categories is of course artwork. And ‘Oracle’s Fire’ has hands down my favourite cover art of all three books. Please don’t forget to nominate Frank Victoria for best artwork! 😀

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3 Responses to Sir Julius Vogel nominations and a Samwise award…

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Thanks for this guidance on which of your books we should throw our support behind—I think “Oracle’s Fire” is the right choice because the whole series is really one story told in three parts, and this is the third and concluding part. So even though, as you know, I have a great fondness for Samiha, I was inclining toward OF anyway. Also I do love the cover—may I suggest to your blog readers that a nomination for Frank Victoria for Best Professional Artwork might also be worthy of their consideration?

    • MaryV says:

      Yes, the art – that was going to be my next post, you beat me to it! 😀

      I’ll ‘edit’ to include it here and then talk more about it in the next post.

    • MaryV says:

      I do love ‘Samiha’ as a book, especially the end. But you’re right about COT being one big story divided into three volumes.

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