Place as Person – wrap up

Well, what a journey this has been – a voyage through the hearts and minds of seventeen fabulous authors, each with his or her own unique insights on the subject of Place. Thank you to all who contributed to our series. Thank you moreover to all who read, commented and spread the word. I can’t think of a better way to send the ‘River’ anthology out into the world.

Here’s a list of links to all the authors’ posts, in order of appearance. You can also find them by clicking on the ‘Place as Person’ tag in the journal.

Joshua Palmatier

Angela Slatter

Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Tim Jones

Irene Radford

Helen Lowe

Alma Alexander

Gillian Polack

Jacey Bedford

Alan Baxter

Brenda Cooper

Lisa Hannett

Tiffany Trent

Allyson Bird

Sue Bursztynski

Kim Falconer

Kaaron Warren

EDIT: and yours truly. 


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9 Responses to Place as Person – wrap up

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Mary, there’s one post missing in this series and that’s yours—we want’s it, yes we does, preciouss-s!

  2. Thanks for running this series. It was a pleasure to participate.

  3. Gillian says:

    What a lovely series of posts. I find myself looking at each and every writer anew. (Well, except myself, I am wholly in the Middle Ages today and feel very middle aged, so there’s not much new about me at all.)

    • MaryV says:

      The rest of us get a big kick out of you and your posts, however. (I think you racked up the most comments!)

      Middle aged = no longer raw. Which is good, in my book.

  4. Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Mary for this wonderful series. It was a pleasure to participate and I feel, like Gillian said, I know everyone just a bit better. I’m looking forward to yours too, Mary. 🙂

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