P is for a Plethora of things…

Path [of Sacrifice]: high ledge on the trunk-wall leading out of Argos city and up towards the Divine Mouth. During the Green Rites in spring, a volunteer is escorted up the Path before the eyes of the whole city and taken into the Tree-rift, where he will supposedly give his life in willing sacrifice. 

Penta: Nurian word for ‘Fifth,’ specifically one of the five senior Grafters, or Focals, in the Eastern Canopy. Each Focal has a particular role to play in the group linked to how he or she transmits Sap energy. In other words, the level of ability of a Focal is linked to how empathetic the individual is, and to what extent he is able to meld his mind with the others in his group to create a type of ‘consensus-entity’. Traditionally it was thought that a range of human relationships ought to be represented in a Focal group to facilitate this process. Couples, siblings and parent/child relationships were prized. Unfortunately the number of practicing Grafters has dwindled to such an extent in the Eastern Canopy that such pairings are not always possible. 

Pesh and Amran: two Grafters and prophets in the Argosian tradition. Pesh and Amran were missionaries who sought to convert barbarian tribes in the North Canopy, a hundred years after Saint Loa crossed the Gap.

Pon: worthless paper currency printed by the Governor of Marak.

Priests’ Quarter: area of Argos city given over to the seminary and Temple complex.

Putar: pejorative term used by Nurians to refer to Argosians.

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  1. Bahiyyih says:

    Oh I think you should patent the ‘pon’; it’ll be all there is to buy cheese with once we wake up to what the banks have actually be doing.

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