‘Oracle’s Fire’ – Launch report!

Well, yesterday was the big day – the official launch of ‘Oracle’s Fire’ in the land of its birth, New Zealand. I’m happy to say the Weta Cave was hopping! It was great to see faces there both new and old, friends who have supported the books from the start and fresh recruits to the cause of the Tree. Thank you all so much for coming and making the event a big success.

We started off with a few words from Tammy Ruffell, Harper’s sales rep in New Zealand, who introduced the books with all manner of kind praise. Here she is, standing next to Frank Victoria. (The leaf decorations were made by the lovely folks at the Weta Cave who have been staunch supporters of the books – thanks so much for everything you’ve done, Anna!)

After Tammy spoke, fellow NZ fantasy author Helen Lowe made what I thought would be some general introductory remarks about me and my books. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Helen wrote a beautiful speech especially for the occasion, which included both blush-inducing praise and a few home truths about the process of writing to a demanding schedule. For those interested, you can see the text of her speech here, as well as some more pics from the launch:


Here I am in any case, listening in awe as she talks:

Well, that was a hard act to follow, but follow I did, with a reading from ‘Oracle’s Fire’. I’m not sure if the sound quality will hold up but if I can make it work, I’ll post a video of the reading on Youtube at a later point.

After that it was about signing, and signing, and more signing alongside cover artist extraordinaire, the famous (or rather infamous) Frank Victoria!

All in all it was a wonderful, glorious, exhausting occasion and I can never thank those who organised and supported it enough… you are my heroes. 

Afterwards, I had that typical, bittersweet feeling that follows a long and arduous journey, when one returns home to familiar surroundings to find one almost misses the mayhem of travel. I’m proud and glad to have finished the journey of the Tree. But I’m also slightly nostalgic about sending out the last installment. 

That said, new journeys beckon! The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began… 🙂


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14 Responses to ‘Oracle’s Fire’ – Launch report!

  1. Kim Falconer says:

    Congratulations, Mary! I so wish I had been there to help you celebrate and to hear the speeches and the reading! Great photos. You guys all look wonderful. What an accomplishment! The series is out!!

    Wooo hooo!!!!

    • MaryV says:

      Yay indeed – I’ve really had a double whammy launch this time, sent off in style by you and Nicole at Conflux and then Tammy and Helen here. I have most wondrous friends…

  2. Iona says:

    Yayay! Congratulations! We were very sorry not to be able to make it to the launch. The boy’s been under the weather, to put it mildly. But yes, many congratulations on completing a long and successful journey!

  3. Janlb says:


  4. AusLit says:

    Congratulations… and an interesting-looking launch venue at the Weta Cave. 🙂

    • MaryV says:

      It was loads of fun indeed! They’ve launched all three books and put a great deal of effort and goodwill into the process… Long live the Weta Cave!

  5. Helen Lowe says:

    Mary, It was a great pleasure for me to attend your launch and an honour to speak to the wonderful achievement of releasing a third novel and completing a series.

    I look foward with great anticipation to the ‘next project.’ 😉

    • MaryV says:

      People keep getting back to me about the launch and enthusing about your speech, Helen. You must have hit a nerve… 😉

      Yes, long live next projects. And the time to do them! Heh heh

  6. Allyson Bird says:

    Wonderful to see you and Frank!

    What a great thing to finish a trilogy. Proud of you!


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