‘Oracle’s Fire’ interview

As you know, Helen Lowe is a radio podcaster and interviewer as well as a speculative fiction author. I’ve been directing you to her blog a fair amount in the last wee while to catch a glimpse of the interesting goings on there. Now I have the honour of being a part of it all myself! 

Helen really does ask some fantastic questions, and this interview delves quite deeply into my writing processes during ‘Oracle’s Fire’. Don’t expect the usual chestnuts! No spoilers, but a fair amount of talk about character development and philosophy.

Don’t forget to make your voice heard on the blog – one lucky commenter will win a copy of ‘Oracle’s Fire’. 

ORACLE’S FIRE INTERVIEW on Helen Lowe’s ‘Anything Really…’ 

Make sure you keep an eye out for Helen’s other interviews with speculative fiction authors. She has already done one with Daniel Abraham and I hear from reliable sources that one with Brandon Sanderson is coming up…


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10 Responses to ‘Oracle’s Fire’ interview

  1. Bahiyyih says:

    Thanks to Helen for getting you to say more than the minimum for once. The sign of true trust. Yours in her.

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Hey Mary–may I say, the interviewer is only as good as the interviewee: there’s not much anyone can do with the monosyllabic “yes” or “no.” And you have such interesting things to say–not surprising that, though, given the fascinating world you’ve created, plus characters of the stature (I believe) of Samiha …

    • MaryV says:

      You’re very kind to say so, Helen. I hope I can have the honour of another conversation with you in the coming months, this time about the ‘Wall of Night’ series, perhaps? 🙂

      • Helen Lowe says:

        I hope so, Mary! As you know, I am determinedly proofing at the moment and although no easy task it does make the imminnent publication of WALL2 so much more … well, imminent! 🙂

        • MaryV says:

          Us fans wait with bated breath… But I’d rather the project took longer and received the love and attention it deserved, rather than being given short shrift for the sake of a release schedule (you know my feelings on this subject…)

  3. Bahiyyih says:

    So agree about the “stature” of Samiha. Good word that, Helen. I’d love to know from you both whether “stature” is a quality that is considered “appropriate” to the fantasy genre today. I know it exists in LOTR. And it is an attribute that is certainly applicable in the more “classic” 19th century novels where nobility in suffering is a measure of the humanity of a character. But is it current in today’s fantasy and/or science fiction? Can vampires be noble? Can bionic characters have “stature”? Do tell…

    • Helen Lowe says:

      Bahiyyah, I think stature is decidedly still on the agenda for fantasy characters even these days. Certainly I think if you read Daniel Abraham’s “Shadow in Summer”, the character of Amat Kyaan undoubtedly has stature, and Guy Gavriel Kay’s latest, “Under Heaven”, returns to the style of his earlier works such as “Tigana” and “A Song for Arbonne” where there are definitely characters of stature. But I am finding myself starting to cast a round a little for more examples, possibly because we have been in a phase where everyone has to have feet of clay. And for the reader to believe otherwise, the characters have to be really convincing. And Mary’s Samiha convinced me, anyway!

  4. Bahiyyih says:

    So interesting how the fashions change over time. Hagiography. Debunking. Noble savages. And now gods with feet of clay. We really haven’t taken it much further than Hamlet’s ‘What a piece of work is man!’, have we?

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