…Not to speak of the Storm!

STORM: cloud-cover wrapped about the base of the Tree. The Storm is a repository for legendary horrors, and a final border beyond which present-day Argosians do not dare to go. As well as demons and the souls of the damned, strange beasts are said to inhabit the clouds, nesting in the lower regions of the Tree. Dirigibles sailing near the Fringes have reported sighting giant flying snakes and tribes of winged monkeys.

Storm Ventures: The Storm was not always held to be impassable. A hundred years before events in ‘Tymon’s Flight’, the Explorer Sect organised a series of Ventures into the Storm, sending their best dirigibles to find out what lay below. They claimed that Hell had physical mass and wanted to map the area at the foot of the Tree. According to seminary history books no one ever returned from the Ventures. The sect was outlawed and its activities declared heretical. (See ‘Explorer Sect’.)


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