Nominatus nominata nominatum

Alright, I admit it: I have a hard time doing this. I’m bad at asking for awards nominations and I’ve put this post off for days. But in the immortal words of starving artists since the dawn of time: ‘Everyone’s doing it.’ So I humbly beg you to consider…

Nah, scrap that, too shrinking violet, start again.

Hey, guess what? You, yes you, born and bred New Zealander or legally resident alien (with green antennae) can nominate ‘Tymon’s Flight’ in the Best Novel category for the Sir Julius Vogel awards, NZ’s very own personal speculative fiction award! It’s a popular vote award, so go ahead, don’t be shy! You’ll get your own, free copy of ‘Women’s Daily’ thrown in to sweeten the deal –

No? Too car-salesman-y? Alright, how about this then:

Helen Lowe says it better than I ever could.

At the moment we’re at the nomination fest stage: ie, you can nominate any and all NZ speculative fiction that rocked your boat in 2010. So put a word in for me, put a word in for Helen, and while you’re at it all those other excellent NZ specfic writers who have had work published in 2010. Karen Healey and Ripley Patton spring to mind: I’m sure there are more!

(I was lying about the Women’s Daily. But I can send virtual chocolate.)

EDIT: the most insightful Ross points out in comments that you don’t have to be a NZ resident or actually possess green antennae to nominate. Just being human, as opposed to a corporation, is enough.

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21 Responses to Nominatus nominata nominatum

  1. Ross says:

    > “born and bred New Zealander or legally resident alien (with green antennae) can nominate ”

    Actually, anybody can nominate, they just have to be a “natural person” (i.e. not corporations, pets, cars etc). The restriction applies to who can be nominated.

    • MaryV says:

      By gum! Thanks Ross. I was under the impression that noms had to be from NZ residents… but the more the merrier. 🙂

    • Simon Litten says:

      The criteria for who may nominate has natural persons (human beings) and body corporates (incorporated societies and companies). This rules out: pets, cars, supernatural beings, the rock in the street, partnerships, and other groupings I’m too lazy to define. Cyborgs are okay as long as they started as human beings rather than as robots. The acceptability of nominations from the undead is moot as these beings may be considered supernatural or unnatural persons (viz natural persons). To be safe any nominations from unnatural and/or supernatural beings should be channelled through a front company (limited liability).

      • MaryV says:

        That clears things up mightily, Simon… 😉 I am especially grateful for the finer points regarding bio-mechanical transformation.

  2. Name (required) says:

    So just to double-clarify: does this mean anyone in the WORLD can nominate you, so long as one is not a pet or a car?

  3. Mitenae says:

    Natural? I’m going to assume that discounts robots and cyborgs.


  4. Tyson Perna says:

    “f. Contact details – the nominator must include contact details for any nominees.”

    Er, well that makes it rather awkward doesn’t it? Shall I put you down for 123 New Zealand Way, Wellington, New Zealand, just north of Antarctica? 🙂

    Or do they accept an email address?

    • MaryV says:

      Ha, ha… When I nominated someone I just used an email address. They wrote back a lovely polite letter accepting the nomination.

    • MaryV says:

      Oh, my stupid. Lord almighty, I read that as your contact details. But you HAVE my contact details, don’t you? Return mail?

      • Tyson Perna says:

        Ha! She thinks her handwriting is legible! That’s so sweet. 😛

        Yeah, I had thrown it away but ONLY FOR YOU did I go pull it back out of the garbage. I’ll figure this out. Still, it’s a rather strange system, isn’t it?

        • Name (required) says:

          Very. Agreed. And those of us who are not pets, Cylons or cars companies living in NZ or Australia, and who do not have the courage and imagination to clamber into garbage containers in search of your long lost snail-mail address, and who nevertheless think ‘Tymon’s Flight’ is bloody brilliant and whoopingly good on all levels and deserves every nomination this side of the Four Canopies, it might help to be told One More Time what exactly we should do, by when, and how.

          • Tyson Perna says:

            Here are the official rules.


            At the bottom of that page, there is an email address. I just shot them an email asking for clarification on this point. It seems to me that requiring the contact info of an author is going to severely limit the number of nominations. It shouldn’t turn into a contest for which author has the most accessible home address. 🙂 Hopefully they get back to me with an answer regarding if the author’s email address is sufficient for a nomination.

            • MaryV says:

              From memory I don’t think I included the nominee’s snail mail address when I sent in my nom – I just put down the name of the author in question. They seemed to accept that without a qualm.

            • Ross says:

              Just to confirm, only an email address is needed – even the emaal address of the publisher or agent will do. The idea is that the SJV admins need to be able to contact the nominee to verify that they are willing to be nominated. Not that there is any doubt in this case 🙂

          • MaryV says:

            I’m posting a new entry with a link to the rules page…

        • MaryV says:

          Oh, Tyson. Not the garbage. I’ll send you mail on Facebook…

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