News, Conflux, and ‘The Daughter of the Khan’…

After a marathon plane voyage of 38 hours and a marathon sleep over the subsequent 14, it’s safe to say that both I and my confused biorhythms have now arrived home in NZ.

Honestly, what a trek. I was thinking during this journey, if ever there were post-modern nomads, my family qualifies as such. Tribes like us, spread out over the known ‘world’, used to travel by donkey and cross inhospitable mountain passes; we now use Lufthansa and slog through LAX. Not quite as charming, perhaps, but certainly equipped with better toilet facilities.

Which brings me neatly round to ‘The Daughter of the Khan’, which if you may remember was the short story I contributed to ‘Tales for Canterbury’. The story was mentioned (along with several other brilliant ones by authors both new and established) in Tim Jones’ review of the anthology. I love Tim’s fiction so I was pleased to catch his eye! 

In other news, I hear the mini-launch for ‘Oracles’ Fire’ went well at Conflux. My heartfelt thanks again to Nicole Murphy and to Gillian Polack, who despite a chest infection (and ensuing breathlessness) pulled off a fantastic reading, I’m sure. 😀

I hope to continue with the Dictionary of the Tree as soon as possible. And there’s also the NZ launch of ‘Oracles’ Fire’ to prepare for in a couple of weeks… Busy times.

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