More about the Dictionary, and a new review!


I’m just beginning to breathe again after the wonderful madness that was this weekend. One thing I’ve managed to do is gather together all the existing entries for the Dictionary of the Tree in one place, in the right order, in a way that’s easy to scroll through. Just click on the ‘Dictionary of the Tree’ button on the top right hand corner of this site, et voila. Or go here

A couple of other tasty morsels:

– If you’re interested in knowing how the Dictionary came about, I’ve written a guest post on the subject over on the Collins Bookshop blog (formerly known as Castle Plaza Books.) 

The Fantasy Book Review site in the UK has posted a new review of ‘Tymon’s Flight’. And it’s a darned good one! They’re also going to put up an interview in the coming days – I’ll post a link then. (Yay! I never get tired of hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed the books. It makes me feel I might be vaguely useful to the universe, after all.)

Over and out. 


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