Local bookstores – Samiha at Arty Bees

Today I nosed around a couple of local bookshops here in Wellington to see if they had ‘Samiha’s Song’ in yet. They do! That is, the cool ones do. 😉 The Whitcoulls in Lambton Quay doesn’t, but the Whitcoulls at the airport does. The Weta Cave has copies and I know Unity Books had book one in spades, so it’s fair to hope they’ll carry the sequel, too.

But the one I want to mention in particular is Arty Bees on Manners st, right in the heart of Wellington. What a fantastic bookstore! A wall of new sci-fi and fantasy, as well as used books stretching through half the store… All the old stalwarts and plenty of new talent… I’m impressed. And yes, ‘Samiha’ is there, several copies of her, right on eye-catching level as you walk through the door. Nice one, Arty’s.

I’m going to be signing bookplates for Arty Bees, so if you want a signed copy of ‘Tymon’s Flight’ or ‘Samiha’s Song’ you can a) come to the launch at the Weta Cave on the 5th of Feb or b) buy your copy later at Arty’s, with a lovely signed bookplate.

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Samiha’s Song at Arty Bees

Arty Bees location

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2 Responses to Local bookstores – Samiha at Arty Bees

  1. Anon says:

    Wish one could just wander down to the local bookstore on this side of the world and find the ‘Chronicles of the Tree’ winking at one, at eye-level. Lucky Kiwis and Oz-landers who can.

    • MaryV says:

      Well, there are pages for it on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, but for now it’s listed as ‘currently unavailable.’ I know you can get a Kindle version overseas, however.

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