Local bookshops – where to get your signed Samiha

Yesterday was fun. Yesterday I visited the most excellent Unity Books, where the business of book buying and appreciation continues unabated behind the renovation scaffolding outside the building. While there I met the lovely folks who run the place and signed some copies of ‘Samiha’s Song’, which you should be able to find on sale now accompanied by a notice declaring that the author has scribbled illegibly in them.

So, wonderful Wellington people who were otherwise occupied on Waitangi Day weekend and could not make it to my launch: you have choices galore for locations to pick up your author-signed copy of ‘Samiha’s Song’. You can pop into Arty Bees on Manners st – they have pretty bookplates there designed by Frank Victoria, the cover artist. Or you can pop into Unity Books on Willis st, where they have versions signed on the title page. And you can of course always pop into the Weta Cave if you’re in Miramar, where they have versions signed by both yours truly and Monsieur Frank – double whammy.

How can you go wrong with so much choice? Come on, put your artlover hats on and support local fantasy authors and artists. If you wait till the third book comes out before buying the set, we will be no more than mouldering skeletons of local fantasy authors and artists. Don’t let that happen, friends… or your dreams will be haunted by undead zombie authors seeking vengeance. The conversation will go something like this:

AUTHOR ZOMBIE: Braiiiiiins! You didn’t buy my books! I will now eat your braiiiiiiiins!

YOU: but but but… I don’t even like fantasy! I only read cutting political satire and self help books about mushroom-growing.

AZ: I will eat your brains, then you will buy more fantasy. Grrr! Argh!

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2 Responses to Local bookshops – where to get your signed Samiha

  1. Simon Litten says:

    Bah! Take too long to submit a comment and the system goes belly up.
    Have you seen the price of brains? No wonder zombies kill for them. That and the lack of dexterity needed for opening purse clasps and wallet tabs.

    Just read a fantasy (review pending), that was more a misfortune than an uplifting experience.
    Can supply gardening tips on the care and propagation of nightshade.

    • MaryV says:

      Nightshade would be extremely useful in some circumstances.

      The whole site just went kaflouey for about an hour. I wanted to change one small thing and was locked out – picture the wrathful author.

      Anyway, we’re now back in business…

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