L is for Lantria and Leaf-forests

Lantria (Duchy of): a nation extending over the entire South Canopy and possessing a colony in the Eastern Canopy, the city of Cherk Harbour. Lantria is the second most powerful state in the Tree, as economically influential if not more so than Argos. Lantrians specialize in ship-building, mining for hardwood and corewood, and the trade of captured Nurian slaves.

Leaf-forests: stands of twigs and leaves, often growing so densely out of the top of a branch that the space at their base becomes a knotty lump. In this way a pedestrian might cross parts of the canopy without the need of a dirigible, using roads that wind up and down the branches and through the twigs, spanning gaps between the leaf-forests on suspended bridges.

Leaf-line: the horizon as seen from the confines of the World Tree.

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