Helen Lowe wins a Gemmell Morningstar!

Well, some rather fabulous news arrived today: fellow New Zealand fantasy author and good friend Helen Lowe won a Gemmell Morningstar award (best new talent) for ‘The Heir of Night’!

This makes me happy as a clam, of course, so permit me a moment to smile fishily. 🙂

I suspect – I’m not absolutely sure – that Helen may be the first woman to break through the shortlist barrier and actually win that award. I’d love to find out if so… a double cause for celebration.

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4 Responses to Helen Lowe wins a Gemmell Morningstar!

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Hey Mary, thanks for the shout out! I am sorry I didn’t see this sooner but as ma sure you can imagine it has been something of a craz-ee few days.

    And my publicist here asked me to confirm thats ame question today, whether I am the first ‘sheila’ to win either a Legend or a Morningstar, ditto a Southern hemisphere author, and the answer is a decided “yes” on both counts–we double checked the shortlists and winners since the beginning and it is indeed so. Having said that, ’tis a very new award of course, of course… 😉

    • MaryV says:

      I had a feeling it might be true…

      Well-deserved celebrations for you, and a big triumphant “yes” for female SFF authors everywhere. 😀

  2. Bahiyyih says:

    Well done Helen! and a happy return of many more awards to come!

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