‘Heir of Night’ and ‘Samiha’s Song’

As promised, here is the second pair of videos, with Helen Lowe reading extracts from both ‘The Heir of Night’ and ‘Samiha’s Song’. I think Helen is an amazing reader. Frankly, her rendition of ‘Samiha’ gives me the goosebumps…

Helen Lowe reads from ‘The Heir of Night’ and ‘Samiha’s Song’

It’s so heartening to see someone else reading something I’ve written (never mind reading well!) Suddenly it isn’t just my old, familiar book – it’s something new, belonging to everyone, and the whole experience is enriched. 🙂

As to ‘Heir’, I don’t need to tell you that listening to this extract will make you want to run out and buy your own copy. Run, fair readers, run!

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4 Responses to ‘Heir of Night’ and ‘Samiha’s Song’

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    To be honest, Mary, I think I read “Samiha” better than I read “Heir”–but that was because I was so keen to do it justice and not let you down that I gave it my all–and was just a tad tired when I got to “Heir”! 😀 But I think I perked up for “Gathering’ because it was the first time I had read it, so we’ll see tomorrow—I say tomorrow becasue I think I may run it then instead of Friday: we’ll see with that.

    • MaryV says:

      You certainly did ‘Samiha’ justice. 🙂 But that’s also one of my favourite passages of ‘Heir’. I loved the image of those gargolyles shrieking out the message… It reminds me in its flavour of that very short sequence in LOTR where the black riders descend on Buckland, which always gave me the creeps. ‘Fear, fire, foes, awake…’

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    “… the horn call of Buckland which had not been heard in one hundred years, since the wolves and the great winter …” As you can see, it is engraved on my memory banks (perhaps not quite word perfect but close-ish I hope): and I am posting the “Gathering” clip tomorrow.:)

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