H is for Hardwood and Hell


Hardwood: a type of very dense wood mined from the inner sections of the World Tree’s trunk.

Hell: a mythical region at the foot of the Tree, sometimes referred to as the eternal Maelstrom. This whirlwind gives birth to the Storm clouds. The shrieking winds are said to be inhabited by demons who torment the souls of the damned with flaming broomsticks. 


Under the hood…

Flaming broomsticks? Really? Yes, really. Strange as it may sound. The idea behind creating that piece of ridiculous folklore was that stories can sometimes have, or had when they were first told, a tenuous basis in reality. What people actually see is translated into what they expect to see, or are conditioned by their brain chemistry to see. So dinosaur bones become the remains of celestial dragons, the bodies of saints are said never to decay and visions of the Virgin appear mysteriously over a fountain. In most cases, in the real world, we’ll probably never know what truly happened. But the joy of writing fantasy is that you can find out, or guess, where the stories might have come from.

Or else, you can accept the magic at face value and not worry about it at all. 🙂


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