Fantasy Book Review interview and ‘River’: the anthology


More goodness to report! First of all, as promised, the folks at Fantasy Book Review have posted their interview, in which I talk (among other things) about Peter Jackson’s feet. Interested? Here you go:

FBR interview. Indulge your hobbit foot-fetish.

Secondly, the anthology I was so excited about earlier in the year, ‘River’, is soon to be released .Alma Alexander talks about the contributing authors here. Intriguing titles… And what great company to be in. Can’t wait to read it!  🙂

More to come about this when I have links to the publisher pages…


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2 Responses to Fantasy Book Review interview and ‘River’: the anthology

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Great interview, Mary–& huge congrats on being the FBR Book of the Month for November! And wOOt to ‘River’—the TOC reads like a Fantasy “who’s who!” 😉

    • MaryV says:

      I know! For that I have to thank Gillian Polack, who e-introduced me to Alma during the Bibliobuffet interview. I didn’t know then who else would be signing up for the antho but the idea is seriously cool – I feel v. happy and privileged to be able to join in!

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