Excuses, excuses

It has been a long while since I slunk by here, tail between my legs. My excuse, as always, is that I have been swamped “in real life” by doing, doing, doing. Indeed, like Ged at the end of ‘the Farthest Shore’, I would love to be done with doing. But I don’t get to say that – not quite yet. 🙂

A quick recap for anyone who wants one. Over the past few months I have been engaged in selling and buying a house (yes, we’re moving again,) in revising a manuscript and submitting it to agents, in applying for and securing a place on a MA program, in sorting out jobs and generally staying afloat. None of these tasks are finished, per se, though it’s safe to say I’m much further along with them now than I was a month ago. This is progress.

In order to help long-suffering friends make sense of my peripatetic existence, I’ve taken the liberty of preparing some answers to FAQ’s:

1) Why are you moving again, M. V.? Didn’t you do that less than a year ago?

Why, yes, thank you for remembering. The Victoria clan settled in St Albans last summer. Now we’re moving to the Watford area. Mad? Maybe, but there’s method in the madness. I won’t go into all the personal details here but if you’re burning with curiosity I will tell you over a cup of tea. Which you will make.

2) What? You applied to do a MA in Publishing? Aren’t you a writer or something?

By the book gods! The two are not mutually exclusive. I have been given the opportunity to join the wonderful MA program at UCL, but must defer the place for a year in order to apply for a grant, etc. So that will be for 2015.

3) You submitted your ms? Was this the famous manuscript-from-hell that has been haunting your dreams and blog posts for nigh on two years now? We’re sick of hearing about it.

Again, I am touched that you retain any notion of what I’ve been doing for the past two years. I had mostly forgotten, myself. But yes, that’s the very manuscript I refer to. It has been whipped into shape. It has passed muster with my agents. It’s ready to languish in a publisher’s slush pile and have that all-important mug of coffee placed firmly on top of it. I’m thrilled.

4) Whatever. You’re nuts. You’ll never settle down. You have delusions of adequacy.

This may be true.

Meanwhile, in other news, I have been venturing into the Twittersphere. Please feel free to join me there: @MAdamsVictoria. Love to all, and seriously – sorry about the long blog silences.

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6 Responses to Excuses, excuses

  1. Asakiyume says:

    So glad for your news! I hope you settle in quickly to your new digs; moving so often is VERY exhausting. And I think the MA in publishing sounds like an excellent idea, and YES a person can do many things, and writing and publishing go together naturally.

    Congratulations too on the manuscript. Hoping for its quick acceptance!

    I will follow you on Twitter. I am @morinotsuma there. I am VERY random in my tweets and retweets . . .

    • MaryV says:

      Thank you for the kind thoughts, and I hope you’re right about speediness in general.

      I’ve followed you back! Looking forward to randomness (my tweets are slightly more reliable than my blog posts, but still cannot be called regular occurrences.)

  2. ashleycapes says:

    Hi Mary, it sounds exhausting! I’m about to move but not a large distance, and still, it’s hideous.

    Still really keen to read that book too 🙂

    • MaryV says:

      Thanks, Ashley. You’ve been faithfully commenting on this blog and a witness to my peregrinations for a few years, now – I hope not to disappoint, in the end. 🙂

      Good luck with the move. Don’t do it as often as I do.

  3. Helen Lowe says:

    Having had the privilege of reading that ms I have my fingers crossed it will not stay in the slush pile long enough to become coffee stained.:)

    Good luck with the moving & see you in the T-verse!

    • MaryV says:

      Dear Helen,

      You are so kind to say so. I hope this book finds a good home… It has had quite a bit of hard work poured into it – not just mine but also Frank’s in supporting the writing process, and that of the agents and beta readers willing to work with me. 😉

      I trust your own edits are powering along!

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